Monday, 27 October 2014

Face Q Milk Moisturizing Hand & Foot Mask Review

There are a few things that I know to be true. Firstly, I love Sundays. They are my favourite day of the week, because they always mean I get to have a pamper evening. Secondly, I love pamper evenings. A pamper evening basically consists of me getting to light about a bajillion candles, pour a glass of wine and catch up on my Netflix all while enjoying a few masks. Thirdly, I love masks. The typical Sunday evening lineup includes a hair mask and a face mask, but this week I mixed it up a bit. I was walking through the beauty aisles of my local Superstore (Loblaws to some of you) aimlessly looking for new products, as us beauty bloggers often do. I stumbled upon a fabulous and way too exciting new section.. International. Beauty. Products. I'm talking Japanese, Korean, Indian, and some other languages I couldn't decipher. I was blown away, and after making my boyfriend stand there while I squealed, I finally narrowed it down to two purchases. Enter, Korean beauty brand Face Q.

I saw two adorably packaged Milk Moisturizing Masks and had to get them. One is for the hands and one for the feet, and I just thought the packaging was too cute to pass up! I've never tried anything like this before, so I figured why not. 

How cute is that?!

So basically, when I first took it out of the package I was more than a little bit confused. The lack of English instructions didn't help, but eventually I figured out that it's like a little pocket for your feet. You insert your foot, wrap it around and that tab on top is sticky, which helps to hold them in place. The design for the hand is similar and equally as weird, and definitely difficult to put the second glove on! After some swearing, I finally maneuvered the second glove on and got it to stick. I also didn't think it through before putting the hand mask on and had to get to Netflix afterwards. I may have yelled for my dad to come and press play for me. Derp.

I looked a little silly and my dad definitely laughed at me, but oh well. I sat there for thirty minutes and waited. Overall, the feeling of having your hands and feet in these plastic pouches was just something I couldn't get used to. They were constantly cold and very slimy. Attempting to walk with these on my feet didn't go very well! Once I finally completed the 30 minutes required and removed the masks I had to rinse off to remove the slime. I'm not going to lie to you, I didn't notice a difference in how hydrated my skin was at all. I was hoping for a paraffin wax like result, and I wouldn't even say they were as effective as hand cream. It was a fun experience and something different, but definitely not something I would do again.

Have you ever tried something like this?

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