Thursday, 6 November 2014

Is It Worth the Hype? || Loving Tan Review

If you've been following some of the YouTube heavyweights on any of their social media platforms, you've seen their big smiles while holding a bottle of this stuff. You've seen their bronzed, beautiful bodies in before and afters that prompt you to rush out and spend your hard earned cash with their tempting coupon codes. You've probably also seen the Instagram posts of tons of people trying out Loving Tan, and probably considered buying some! Well I thought I'd give in to the temptation purely for review purposes (which has turned into my shopaholic excuse as of late) and buy a bottle of it! 

The Claims:

  • It is a truly professional strength formula with professional spray tan results.
  • Its 3 in 1 - It contains an Instant Bronzer, Self Tanner and Moisturiser! The instant bronzer is so handy for when you are wanting an instant tan.
  • It is streak free as the instant colour ensures the clear active ingredients have been applied evenly over the body
  • It Contains high quality dual active self tanner ingredients providing a natural colour
  • It is naturally derived with no Parabens or alcohol

  • The Pricing & Shipping
    Since I'm very fair, I ordered the Medium shade to start off with and see how that colour worked on me. I did use one of the coupon codes that Lauren Curtis offered, and it got me a free exfoliating/tan removing glove. If you order, you can use the code LOVINGTAN to get a free exfoliation mitt with the mousse. At the time of ordering I misunderstood and thought this glove was the application mitt, so I had to use my St. Tropez mitt instead. I also ordered two other bottles for my sister and her friend and Loving Tan included three total exfoliating mitts, which was quite good of them. Each bottle was $34.99 and with that same code I did get free shipping which was a major plus saving me a fair bit of dough. Previously my self tan of choice has been the St. Tropez bronzing mousse, which rings in at around $32.45 for 120 mL. Slightly more expensive, especially if I had been paying shipping on top of that.

    It arrived yesterday about 10 days after I placed the order. Although this may sound like a long time to some, I'm quite used to waiting about three weeks for shipments to come in so I was very pleased with that time frame. It was packaged very well, with the product itself shrink wrapped to prevent leakage - also very appreciated.

    The Application 
    After showering & exfoliating, I began applying it in the same order I did with St. Tropez. Typically 5 pumps per leg, 3 for the arms and about 5 for my torso and back. I quickly found that this method didn't work for this product! It doesn't spread as easily as St. Tropez, so I ended up with an incredibly tanned calf and had to pump more for my thighs! Once I got the hang of it, I would say I ended up squeezing out a pump per section of my leg, torso etc. It dries very quickly so you do have to move quite fast. Thank baby jesus for the color guard because I would have been lost without it!
    *I wish I could comment on the scent, but homegirl is stuffed up as all hell and can't smell a thing. From what I've read, the scent is really nice and light!

    The Colour 
    The benefit to it drying so fast is that I wasn't sticky at all while I waited for the tan to set in. Initially I was thinking that the colour wouldn't be dark enough on me, but lordy did it ever develop! The below photo was taken two hours after the application. I found that about two hours later I had turned into this olive toned, bronzed goddess, with no hints of orange or that gross build up from spray tans.  I will say that it's a good idea to shower off the colour guard before you go anywhere though, because later in the evening I definitely was a little shocked by how dark I went. After showering though, it had developed into the perfect natural tone for me and I couldn't be more impressed!

    The End Result
    In my oh-so humble opinion. I would say that the Loving Tan is worth the hype. I actually prefer the colour to that of the St. Tropez I had previously been using. If you can handle paying for shipping & waiting for it, then I think you would love this product. 

    * EDIT: It is now almost a full week later and I am still just as dark. I'm so impressed with the wear of this! 
    Have you tried the Loving Tan products? Opinions? 
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