Friday, 21 November 2014

Jaclyn Hill Collaboration with Gerard Cosmetics Review

It's not news by now that I'm obsessed with Jaclyn Hill, is it? I just straight up think she's the funniest girl ever and even if she's not your cup of tea, her talents are undeniable. Clearly the peeps over at Gerard Cosmetics felt the same way because over the course of the last six months or so, they've released four products created by Jaclyn. If you watch her channel, they're all very much the kind of colours she raves about. She released two lipsticks and two 'lipglosses', although in my opinion they are much more like liquid lipsticks than anything else. I waited to purchase them until she clearly stated that this would be her last release, because I knew I would just end up ordering them all and paying for shipping seperately. Regulaly priced, the bundle of four products is $69 but using a coupon code I purchased it for $39. 

First and foremost, the lipsticks. I'm a sucker for lipsticks and I just knew I would fall head over heels for these two babes. Firstly we have Buttercup, a beautiful pink nude that leaves an almost Cremesheen finish. Buttercup is a fitting name, as this lipstick is so buttery and creamy! The scent reminds me of creamsicles and vanilla, and is just scented enough to be pleasant without being overpowering. Next up is probably my personal favourite product of the bunch, 1995. When Jaclyn first introduced this shade she touted it as a 90's matte brown toned red and I instantly needed it in my life. It's very mattifying without being drying, and for my skin tone it is the perfect 90's shade. I wore it yesterday with one of her lipglosses slicked on top and I received so many compliments.

Jaclyn's lipglosses are packaged in Gerard Cosmetic's signature packaging, a lighted lipgloss with a mirror on the side. In my personal opinion this is a bit of an unnecessary gimmick, and when previous brands have released lighted glosses I've usually shied away from them. I think it just increases the price for packaging when I'd rather be paying for the product itself. However, silly packaging aside, the lipglosses have impressed me to no end. They are just ridiculously pigmented and resemble lipsticks more than anything. Incredibly buttery and creamy (as the names suggest!) they leave my lips feeling hydrated and smooth while the colour lasts for hours. I am so impressed with these!

From top left to bottom right: 1995, Buttercup, Rose Hill, Buttercream.

Overall I have to say that her collection is lovely, and she's made me a Gerard Cosmetics fan. I may order more of their products to see if they equally measure up! She's been dropping hints on Twitter lately that she will eventually be releasing her own makeup brand. You can't imagine the squealing that ensued when I first read that!

You can find her collection here.

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