Thursday, 26 November 2015

Still Spa Essentials Makeup Brushes Review

Hey babes! Today we're talking quickly about a brand that I discovered at Wal Mart. I've always glanced past these brushes in search of my trusted Real Techniques instead, but they called out to me on my last visit. Perhaps it was the tiny price tag or the intriguing shape, but either way I'm glad they did. Still Spa Essentials has a fairly wide range of brushes, but the two that I picked up were the Foundation Brush and the Concealer Brush.

The foundation brush is a fairly unique shape, similar to your typical paddle brush but wider and shorter. When you look at it from the side, it's still quite slim like a paddle brush. The design is what first tickled my fancy, as I usually tend to stay away from paddle brushes in favour of a kabuki brush style instead. When I opened the packaged I was immediately impressed with how soft it was. At the very least, even if it applied foundation horribly I knew I'd enjoy applying face masks and moisturizers with this brush. It rang in at $4.97 so honestly, it was worth taking the chance. 

I really do enjoy applying foundation with this brush but what I've been using it for mainly is cream contouring! I love that I can apply using the tip of the brush turned on it's side, and then blend it out with the wide edge. It works the product into the skin beautifully.

The smaller concealer brush is fairly run of the mill as concealer brushes go. Short, rounded and very stiff, it's perfect for spot concealing if not for undereye as much. Much like the larger foundation brush, this is so soft and blends beautifully. This brush was only $2.97, so I knew I couldn't really go wrong. I don't get pimples that often, so what I've been using it for mostly has been carving out my brows with concealer and it is just perfect for that. It also has the slim edge for application, and then I can turn it on it's wider side for blending. 

Neither brush have shed at all, although I've washed them both using the Beauty Blender cleanser.
Overall I'm very happy with these brushes and I feel like I found a hidden gem! On my next visit you may even catch me walking out wish a few more. 

Have you tried the Still Spa Essential Brushes? What did you think?
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