Friday, 11 December 2015

Beauty Tips for Glasses Wearers

Something about the colder weather has always meant glasses for me. Suddenly my mornings involve staying in bed for a little while longer rather than stepping my bare feet onto that cold floor. My primping time is cut in half, so contacts are not an option.  When I know I'll be wearing my glasses that day I tend to do my makeup a little bit differently.Often when wearing glasses, your makeup can get a little bit tricky. It's easy for your eyes to get lost behind the frames without taking some steps to prevent that from happening. Keep the eyes simple but bright, and perfect everything outside of the frames.

1. Brows and lips are on display.
When people look at you, the first features that are visible are your eyebrows and your lips. Rather than spending too much time on my eye look, I choose to accentuate my lips by overdrawing them slightly and define my brows. Using a product like Benefit High Brow to define your brow shape will lift them further.

2. Neutral bright shades on the lids and inner corners.
I used to do a smokier eye look, thinking that the best way to define my eyes would be with darker shades and heavier liner. If your glasses have dark rims then lining your eyes with more dark shades will actually have the opposite effect. Instead, I now use a shimmery champagne shade and apply a white to my waterline, and only define my upper lashline slightly.

3. Always curl the lashes.
Ever since using my Eye Envy I've noticed my lashes hit my glasses when I blink. To combat this I curl them to the gods, Focusing right at the roots rather than curling them all the way to the tips of my lashes.

 I just need to give a shoutout to my favourite website for purchasing glasses from. The glasses pictured came to a whopping $35 CAD on which is pretty much unheard of. They shipped within 2 days of ordering and arrived within a week - also very rare for me in the Yukon. I highly recommend checking them out!

Do you do anything differently when you wear glasses? Share your tips with me!
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