Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Dear Santa..

Long gone are the days of sitting at the kitchen table with a Sears catalogue, glass of juice and a red marker circling all the toys I hoped would be under the tree on Christmas morning. I'm still just as excited 15 years later as I was back then but the only difference is my glass has wine in it now! Isn't it funny how as we get older our wishlists become smaller but so much more expensive? This year I'm hoping for a few little goodies! Santa, I hope you're reading this.
I've been eyeing this palette up for ages now. I have a Dual Intensity Eyeshadow from Nars in the shade Calisto and it is absolutely stunning. I know an entire palette of these shades would get a lot of use out of me!

No matter what I do, I just cannot get away from this serum. It has been tempting me something fierce but I have trouble justifying such a pricey item when I have so many serums waiting to be used up. Luxurious items like this make a lovely gift because the recipient may never spend their own money on it.

If you're at all interested in beauty blogging, I am sure you've heard of this lens and have lusted after it too. This is one of those bigger ticket items I would never really ask anyone to spend their money on, but a girl can dream! 

Coming back to my beauty blogging equipment, I've heard nothing but great things about this light and I always love the way makeup looks when a ring light is used. My soft box kit does the trick for now, but a ring light is definitely taking up space on my wishlist this year.

5. Gift Cards!
I swear, every time I tell someone to buy me a gift card they think it's a cop out. I adore gift cards because they give me the chance to pick something out that I'd really love. They can be used towards a bigger purchase and you can cover the rest of the cost or you can hoard them until the best sales to get the most of your money. Forever21, Sephora and Amazon would be fabulous gift card destinations for me!

What are you wishing for this year?
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