Emily Shea Beauty is a PR friendly blog.
I welcome all business/PR inquiries as long as they are keeping with the subject matter of my blog, which includes beauty, fashion and lifestyle. If a product is sent to me for consideration, I will always post my honest opinion. I reserve the right to choose not to post about said product on my blog and in the event that it will be a negative review, I will let you know beforehand.

All information stated on this blog is my personal, honest opinion. If a product is sent to me for consideration I will post an asterisk (*) next to the product.


I am a Canadian girl who fell in love with makeup at a very young age. When I first graduated high school I spent way too long mulling over what to do with my life. I was working in freelance makeup artistry and at a beauty counter, further intensifying my passion. Eventually I decided to take the leap and moved across country to attend school for Esthetics and Makeup Artistry. While attending school, I needed an outlet to discuss all the amazing things I was learning with like minded people who enjoyed all things beauty as much as I did. And thus, Emily Shea Beauty was born!
 I've since graduated and am now paving a way for myself in the industry I love so much. My goal is to share my passion with anyone who cares to listen. I work hard on this blog in the hopes that anyone who stumbles upon it finds it inspirational, learns something new, and embraces both their inner and outer beauty.